Stinking Polecats/ The Farilanes split

Release date: April 1999
Format: CD (split CD w/ The Fairlanes)
Label: Wynona Records
N. of songs: 6 /12

During 1999 when the newly born Wynona Records asked us to release a split CD with the Colorado kings The Firlanes we didn’t esitate a second.
First because we needed a record label and second because the folks at Wynona are friends.
On this record there are our “anthems” of our shining career: “Nice ‘n’ Sleazy’s”, “Ooh hop”,  “Claire” and “Lucy B.”. What do you wanted more? Our blood?
Probably if we had made a whole record with those songs we could be more famous than Finley are (we're joking).
Simone at the time took Photosop seriously, and the artwork is a proof of it.
I remember that at the time we were pretty anxious about the photo set, we would like to seem a pretty serious band. Davide came dressed with work shoes, a really nasty blue sweater and a tool bag. He let grow also a pair of interesting moustache… damn, that was weird!

1. Beautiful ride (The Fairlanes)  
2. Goodbye (The Fairlanes)  
3. One in a billion (The Fairlanes)  
4. Friday night (The Fairlanes)  
5. Toursong (The Fairlanes)  
6. Two miles from nowhere (The Fairlanes)  
7. Valentine to me  
8. Ooh hop! Download “Ooh hop!” mp3, file size: 2.47MB
9. Nice 'n' Sleazy's Download “Nice 'n' Sleazy's” mp3, file size: 2.81MB
10. Claire Download “Claire” mp3, file size: 4.42MB
10. She's all I need Download “She's all I need” mp3, file size: 4.42MB
11. You're a loser  
12. Lucy B.  
Stinking Polecats/ The Farilanes split artwork
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Stinking Polecats/ The Farilanes split Stinking Polecats/ The Farilanes split Stinking Polecats/ The Farilanes split
Stinking Polecats/ The Farilanes split

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