Love !?

Release date: April 1997
Format: 7"
Label: Self released
N. of songs: 7 /7

Short after the demo tape, we decided to put out our first 7”.
We were still in that Screeching Weasel phase, it couldn’t be any different, since the Italian poppunk scene saw them as the music gurus of the nineties.
Songs that speak only of girls, girls, gils.. uhm no, there’s one about our friend Nicola, but in the latter he can be considered a girl, and one about our first drummer Blanka who had very long hair so that’s ok too…
If we had some more technique, Blowin’ up could have been a summer hit…

1. Kathy is a S.E.  
2. You're a dream  
3. Blanka  
4. Nicholas has got a problem  
5. I really love...  
6. You're the only girl  
7. Blowin' up  
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Love !? Love !? Love !?

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