Eat my dust...

Release date: April 2002
Format: CD (split CD w/ The Travoltas)
Label: Wynona Records
N. of songs: 4 /8
Price: 10.00 €

What do you do when your record label asks you to do a split record with one of your favourite band? C’mon what do you do? You accept, loser!
It has been a great pleasure, The Travoltas aside from being a great band, are golden boys, and the shows we played together were really good times.
To sustain the Dutch wall of sound, we wrote four songs that were more rock-ish, and we succeeded finally in producing some good sounds in studio.
I personaly think that this match is draw, thanks also to the overhead kick of Miccetta called “The Fall”.
And when somebody says that we are black belt in backing vocals just listen to this record to hear the proof!

1. Step on the gas (Travoltas)  
2. Sugarride (Travoltas)  
3. Turnpike (Travoltas)  
4. Do it again (Travoltas)  
5. Lipstick Download “Lipstick” mp3, file size: 3.68MB
6. The fall  
7. I say yeah (for you Joey)  
8. I'll wait for you Download “I'll wait for you” mp3, file size: 5.69MB
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Eat my dust... Eat my dust... Eat my dust...
Eat my dust...

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