Release date: September 1996
Format: Cassette
Label: Self released
N. of songs: 16 /16

Pure unawareness, how to do a demo of 17 song and being happy without even know how to play them…
That’s how it went ten years ago…

1. Poecat 96  
2. Welcome to the hell  
3. I'm a stink  
4. Sing a song in peace  
5. Stay with me  
6. The polecat can live alone  
7. (Melanie) Don't wanna be with me  
8. You're not cool  
9. Total mosh  
10. Susie is a headbanger (Or. by Ramones)  
11. Kamala's too nice (Or. by Screeching Weasel)  
12. Hi mom, it's me (Or. by The Queers)  
13. Look at me  
14. Nicholas  
15. Think about you  
16. Johnny is a metal head  
17. I wanna leave home  

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