Release date: May 2005
Format: CD
Label: Wynona Records
N. of songs: 14 /14
Price: 10.00 €

For all the people who play in a band, the last record is always the best one.
Even for us it is, until the next one obviously.
The "Broken" birth has been long and painful: the whole process took over two years, and meanwhile we had to suffer the give up of Mr. Miccetta.
The first track that survived the selection has been written three years and a half ago, the last one shortly before entering the studio.
Someone says that this record is too long, and it may be, but each track on this album is so personal, heartful and drenched in sweat, that simply we couldn't leave out any of the song recorded in that long session.
Surely is better played than any other of our records, but it's still our good 'ol loved punrock fellas, trust us.

1. Fast clock  
2. Maybe tomorrow  
3. I feel confused Download “I feel confused” mp3, file size: 4.77MB
4. Hail to the cap Download “Hail to the cap” mp3, file size: 5.02MB
5. Domino  
6. Loser  
7. Crowd over you  
8. All angels are  
9. Lonely boy  
10. My excuses  
11. That much  
12. Deep six  
13. Walk alone  
14. Prison of love Download “Prison of love” mp3, file size: 5.87MB
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