A song for your boyfriend

Release date: March 2000
Format: CD
Label: Wynona Records
N. of songs: 12 /12
Price: 10.00 €

Our first serious LP.
Taking a whole year to record it and achieving these so and so sounds wasn’t an easy task, well, we made it.
Fortunately, the level of the songs is pretty high, so the result is a damn good record, everybody says.
We look like a band coming out of a gay pride day, but the photos made by Mass Mosrite are really cool and Simone did his best to give the artwork a glamour flavour.
That was a good year, along with this record, came also the one from the Manges and the Peawees.
Go on Savoia, Italy über alles!!

1. Better solution  
2. True to you  
3. Rock this town  
4. Give you my heart  
5. On air Download “On air” mp3, file size: 3.43MB
6. A song for you boyfriend  
7. Wake up  
8. Teenage party Download “Teenage party” mp3, file size: 3.54MB
9. Female equation  
10. Tell me lies  
11. You're not mine Download “You're not mine” mp3, file size: 3.70MB
12. She was great  
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A song for your boyfriend A song for your boyfriend A song for your boyfriend
A song for your boyfriend

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