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Big update! Pics Pics Pics!!

Making of “Maybe Tomorrow” video
Hell yes, we’re shooting a video, slowly but we’re doing it…

Stinking Polecats at Milk Genova (12.10.2005)
We were the first to play the Rock In Genova nights and it was so damn funny!

Chris birthday bash! (23.09.2005)
It was a blast, Chris is 29 now, we played along together with Five-O’s!

Rock in idro, various pics (02.09.2005)
Se ve la siete persi รจ stata una gran giornata.

Stinking Polecats live @ Rock in Idro (02.09.2005)
Short but sweet!

E mo’ basta

Live pics.. Randomly you can see also Useless ID, Forty Winks and other friends..

Picture: DSC01779.jpg Picture: DSC01811.jpg Picture: IMG_0656.jpg Picture: IMG_0695.jpg Picture: IMG_0717.jpg Picture: IMG_0696.jpg Picture: DSC01746.jpg Picture: IMG_0716.jpg
Picture: DSC01783.jpg Picture: IMG_0711.jpg Picture: IMG_0685.jpg Picture: IMG_0699.jpg Picture: DSC01831.jpg Picture: IMG_0664.jpg Picture: IMG_0691.jpg Picture: DSC01817.jpg
Picture: DSC01825.jpg Picture: IMG_0690.jpg Picture: IMG_0720.jpg Picture: IMG_0648.jpg Picture: DSC01788.jpg Picture: IMG_0655.jpg Picture: DSC01747.jpg Picture: IMG_0666.jpg

A caso…

Random pics.. scary..

Picture: IMG_0536.jpg Picture: IMG_0550.jpg Picture: IMG_0588.jpg Picture: IMG_0542.jpg Picture: IMG_0609.jpg

E via…

Here are some pics from our lust party to present Broken to our closest friends in town.

Location: PMP BodyStore

Picture: IMG_0455.jpg Picture: IMG_0454.jpg Picture: IMG_0489.jpg Picture: IMG_0462.jpg Picture: IMG_0463.jpg Picture: IMG_0465.jpg Picture: IMG_0478.jpg Picture: IMG_0458.jpg
Picture: IMG_0461.jpg Picture: IMG_0450.jpg Picture: IMG_0492.jpg