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New website!

Hey fellas, it’s been a long time but now we have a brand new website that’s evolving day by day. There may be few black-outs and tunings but this thing is moving on.

New drummer!

In case you don’t know it we have a new drummer. Davide left the band and Omar joined our army! We have already played few shows with him since September and we’re doing real good…

Nel caso non lo sapeste Davide ha lasciato i Polecats e Omar è entrato al suo posto! Abbiamo già suonato diversi concerti con lui da Settembre e stiamo andando molto bene…

E mo’ basta

Live pics.. Randomly you can see also Useless ID, Forty Winks and other friends..

Picture: IMG_0690.jpg Picture: DSC01747.jpg Picture: IMG_0720.jpg Picture: IMG_0664.jpg Picture: IMG_0685.jpg Picture: IMG_0699.jpg Picture: IMG_0717.jpg Picture: IMG_0695.jpg
Picture: IMG_0655.jpg Picture: DSC01817.jpg Picture: IMG_0648.jpg Picture: DSC01779.jpg Picture: IMG_0691.jpg Picture: DSC01746.jpg Picture: DSC01825.jpg Picture: IMG_0716.jpg
Picture: DSC01788.jpg Picture: IMG_0656.jpg Picture: DSC01811.jpg Picture: DSC01831.jpg Picture: IMG_0696.jpg Picture: DSC01783.jpg Picture: IMG_0666.jpg Picture: IMG_0711.jpg

A caso…

Random pics.. scary..

Picture: IMG_0542.jpg Picture: IMG_0609.jpg Picture: IMG_0550.jpg Picture: IMG_0588.jpg Picture: IMG_0536.jpg

E via…

Here are some pics from our lust party to present Broken to our closest friends in town.

Location: PMP BodyStore

Picture: IMG_0489.jpg Picture: IMG_0478.jpg Picture: IMG_0492.jpg Picture: IMG_0458.jpg Picture: IMG_0461.jpg Picture: IMG_0462.jpg Picture: IMG_0450.jpg Picture: IMG_0463.jpg
Picture: IMG_0455.jpg Picture: IMG_0454.jpg Picture: IMG_0465.jpg